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Paneer Masala

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Paneer Masala is one of the most loved dishes in North India. The dish is a rich, smooth, spicy combination of Paneer cubes cooked in a perfect blend of spice(masala) based gravy.

Paneer Masala

  • Prep Time30 min
  • Cook Time10 min
  • Total Time40 min


    • 200gm Paneer
    • Chef Serves Masala Gravy



    Shallow fry 200gm paneer cubes. You can also use it in the gravy without frying.


    Pour Chef Serves Masala Gravy into the pan with paneer.


    Let it simmer for 5-10 minutes.


    Serve it with Laccha Paratha, Raita and Jeera Rice.

    Paneer Masala is a popular North Indian dish with high nutritional value and excellent taste! It has a rich history with many theories talking about its origin. It was adapted as a staple diet by the North Indians due to its implicit taste and gravy making style.

    It can be called as the vegetarian version of Chicken masala gravy made with tomato, spices, and other ingredients along with paneer cubes. The aroma of the masala gravy and the sponginess and juiciness of the paneer makes it an irresistible combination. This simple dish can prove to be perfect to lift your mood. Paneer Masala tastes best with Laccha Paratha and raita. One can also enjoy this delicacy with jeera rice as a main course meal.

    The traditional Paneer Masala recipe is a healthy combination of paneer cubes, dry fruits, vegetables and the right amount of spices.

    It is considered healthier when compared to ordered meals from outside as it offers a great nutritional value. It also offers a great taste and less cooking time with the help of Chef Serves Masala Gravy. There are many varieties of Paneer recipes and paneer masala is one among the many tasty dishes in India. You can use butter to enhance the flavour and texture of the gravy, which health-conscious individuals can eat as it is. The versatility of this dish also adds up as the most preferred wholesome dish in the Indian household.

    Preparing a rich Paneer Masala can be a hassle and time taking. Thanks to Chef Serves Masala Gravy, you can cook a healthy restaurant-style Paneer Masala within 10 minutes ⏱

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